Frank M Whiting tea and cofffee set

I have been left an amount of American sterling silver and it has the name Frank M Whiting on the bottom.
It comprises of a teapot,coffee pot,sugar bowl with lid and waste bowl.
All have the makers name and “sterling” on the base.
All have 720 on the base
the teapot has a number 5 on the base,the coffee pot a 2 and the waste bowl a 4. the sugar bowl has no single number.
They are of a pear shape, and the handles on the coffee and teapot have at the top and bottom small dark red/orange globes made of a material i dont know.
They seem to be somewhat tarnished on the outside,maybe with incorrect cleaning??
It weighs about 1650g in total (kitchen scales)

If anybody could help with price or date it would be much appreiated.

I have tried to upload some photos but am having problems,i will try to get some up asap.

Hi there Mike and thanks for joining us. Frank W. Whiting’s (North Attleboro, Mass.) pattern #720 can be seen on under “silver”, then the “F” section and click on the “Frank Whiting silver” section and scroll down until you find the 720 pattern. Photos are there.

Replacements does not list a price for the tea/coffee set, but it was originally a 5 piece set, yours is missing the creamer. Without a tray, the four pieces you have are probably worth in the range of $1800 US. Try looking at the "completed auctions’ on eBay and you may find a similar set and a recent sale price. The set would date from between the late 1890s and about 1940.


Uncle Vic