French Hall Marks

Can anyone help with some ecclesiastical silver marks please. On the base of the item is marked BIAIS Aine & Cill Paris. Not sure what I have really. I’m not a collector and bought it as I thought it was silver plate? Please forgive my efforts at drawing on the attached jpeg. Many thanks for any help.[/u]

You may already have seen this site which lists a number of French makers (I suspect this is where you found the images on your scan?). I couldn’t find either of your marks there as drawn. You may need some of the mark descriptions translated - I suggest you use Google’s Translate feature (from Google’s main search page select “more” and then Translate).

Acording to the marks, as you probably know : your items are in silver (not plated), woth a purity of 950/1000. They have been made after 1838 in France. They are probably parisian, since I think more than half of the items were from Paris.

The followig book (which I do not have) should allow you to find the name of the silversmith :

Orfévres de Paris 1838 - 1876 volume 2 … ume-2.html