French Hallmarks—Forks and spoons 1700s

I got a set of 6 forks and spoons in Strasbourg France and have been trying to identify the stamps for some days with no result,

They are marked with 4 stamps:
—Crown and the french lily?
—Crown and large B and small MPL?
—Crown, a cock and something?
—Crown, something, and PM?

If anyone is able to help I would appreciate it as I am so curious. They might be late 1700s and maybe Paris?

The first and third marks are from the region of Montpellier (France) from the 18th century meaning the 958/1000 proof. The second is the so called poincon de jurande from the Montpellier itself. The letter corresponds to the year. I do not have the same mark but from its shape and the letter B one may conclude that it is from around 1753. The last mark is probably the maker’s.



Also answered in another forum.