French maker's mark - help please?

Hello folks,

I’ve been trying, without success, to find the maker of a fine set of table knives with “silver” handles (I suspect a silver casing filled with resin, as is common). I think these might be french as the stainless blades say “inoxable” apparently acid-etched on the blades along with a grecian-style urn symbol.

The hallmarks on the handles show the same grecian urn and 925. There are no other indicators of origin.

If anyone could say who the maker is, and possibly what the pattern is called I would be most grateful.

All the best and many thanks!

Hello again folks,

I have some additional information on these knives. If one looks closely at the handles there is a very tiny signature on each of the handles which a read as “Andre Simon” (?) whom I assume is the same as the person mentioned here: (about Andre Simon.

I wonder if that gives any clue as to maker of these knives please?

All the best, and many thanks!

The first word looks like “Pedro” to me - maybe they’re Spanish. The French word for stainless is inoxydable not inoxable and the Spanish word is inoxidable.