French? Silver Mark

I have a silver item with cherubs on the front, a ring on the bottom, and a hook around the back. It has three marks on the back of the hook, all of which are topped by crowns. The first is a T (or P) topped by a crown, second a fleur de lis topped by a crown, and the third is worn off but appears to be initials topped by a crown. I am guessing that it is French. I would really love to know when it was made and what it was used for.

These are German marks, not French. In fact they are “pseudo hallmarks” of Georg Roth & Co of Hanau, Germany. Your item dates from c1890-1920 and from your description it sounds as if it is a belt clip for hanging something like a spectacles holder.

Thanks so much for sharing the information. Is it silver plate rather than sterling?

It’s almost certainly silver, but probably not sterling (925).