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Fruit Basket...

Hi, first of all I would like to say hello to everyone in this forum.I am a newbie here and Here it goes …my first post…

I have been left various pieces off silverware and one of them is a basket,Whether it is silver or silver plated or maybe not silver at all I do not know .I would appreciate help with this…
silverware 018.jpg
silverware 003.jpg
silverware 016.jpg

If there are no other marks, I would suggest this is the silver plate mark of Albert Beardshaw & Co of Sheffield.

Hi John,
Thanks for the quick reply, after a bit of searching following your reply I agree …what do the digits mean ?




That would be their design/catalogue number for that item.
Is there a swing handle missing?

Yes it is broken off can be seen to the side in the first picture…Ah well probably of no great value but thanks for all the help…Its nice to know…Ill move on to my next couple of Items