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Fruit Knife

Wondering if anyone could tell me what this set of hallmarks are? I think the fruit knife is possibly George III era?? I know that it is british but have no clue about the hallmark on the far left??

The mark on the left is a combined date letter and assay office mark for Sheffield 1819. The combined date letter and assay office mark was used on smaller items from 1780 until 1852 and the position and orientation of the crown varied depending upon the letter series - and sometimes within the series.

Incidentally it is better if, when you adjust your image sizes to fit our recommendations, you preserve the aspect ratio of the original; i.e. keep it in proportion.

Thanks for the info. Dont you have to have the image 500pixels X 500 pixels?

No - maximum recommended dimension is 500 pixels, so the picture could be 500x200 or 200x500, or even 200x200. See this topic.