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G.W. Fairchild - Sterling Spoon

I cannot find any information about the makerof this spoon: G.W. Fairchild
Does anyone know about the maker and also would like to identify date and pattern.
Thanks so much
serving spoon 003.jpg
serving spoon 002.jpg
serving spoon  001.jpg

Hello Jill -

This pattern is called Hyperion by Whiting (the manufacturer). It was first produced in 1888. G.W. Fairchild would be the retailer, probably a jeweler. Whiting was bought out by Gorham around 1924, so that should give you a general idea about the time period in which it was made.


Thanks so much for the information on my Sterling spoon.
Very helpful and interesting facts.

Just joined and saw your your post about G. W. Fairchild. I also have a piece with that hallmark. There was a silversmith and jeweler named G. W. Fairchild in Bridgeport, Connecticut established in 1855 succeeded by G. W. Fairchild & Sons in 1890 until the 1960’s. I inherited my piece. My ancestors lived in Bridgeport and neighboring Fairfield. Hope this information helps. Linnea