G.W. Fairchild - Sterling Spoon

I cannot find any information about the makerof this spoon: G.W. Fairchild
Does anyone know about the maker and also would like to identify date and pattern.
Thanks so much
serving spoon 003.jpg
serving spoon 002.jpg
serving spoon  001.jpg

Hello Jill -

This pattern is called Hyperion by Whiting (the manufacturer). It was first produced in 1888. G.W. Fairchild would be the retailer, probably a jeweler. Whiting was bought out by Gorham around 1924, so that should give you a general idea about the time period in which it was made.


Thanks so much for the information on my Sterling spoon.
Very helpful and interesting facts.

Just joined silver-collector.com and saw your your post about G. W. Fairchild. I also have a piece with that hallmark. There was a silversmith and jeweler named G. W. Fairchild in Bridgeport, Connecticut established in 1855 succeeded by G. W. Fairchild & Sons in 1890 until the 1960’s. I inherited my piece. My ancestors lived in Bridgeport and neighboring Fairfield. Hope this information helps. Linnea