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Garden treasure


I was hoping somebody could help identify the hallmarks on the ‘treasure’ my husband dug up today.

I think it might be a meat skewer?

Thanks in advance

Yes, it’s a meat skewer. However it’s not silver. It is actually electroplated and was made by the Birmingham company Elkington & Co. Unusually Elkington used a private date coding system on their electroplate so we can say that your skewer was made in 1850.


That’s great Phil, thanks for the info.

I suppose being electroplated it’s not worth anything? Oh well, it can go in the cabinet with the other garden booty :blush:

Although I cannot give you a value, early Elkington electroplate is certainly sought after. However with electroplate condition is everything and any plate loss can seriously devalue a piece. I guess that a stay in the soil can’t have done it any good!

Surprisingly it’s not in too bad a condition, only a small area on tip where its worn away and looks a bit brassy. There’s a couple of scratches but other than that it’s not too bad. Thanks again for the info, much appreciated