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Gemstones on antique figurative silver goblet?


This is my first post and please excuse my rusty English…
The height of this beauty is 19cm and it is partially enamelled and different stones are attached
At the foot turquoise I recognize and underneath the shell-shaped bowl probably grenade?
And at the front of the leg a rock crystal and on the sides peridot or tourmaline? I’m not sure about all this …the skirt of the lady shows remains of gilding

Is this a piece of historicism? I can not find a comparable piece although I have been trying for a long time…
What it is the function remains a mystery to me … salt bowl or caviar?

I’m not sure if it’s of German origin. There are unfortunately no hallmarks at all
Can someone tell me about the origin. And help with the age?
I would be happy if I could get a little help here
Thanks a lot
Yours monkey