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Georg Jenson Hallmarks import?

I have a spoon that I was interested in dating, I can’t seem to find out if it’s old or relatively new as I’m not sure how to read import marks. Can anyone help? Is it worth anything? ![image|375x500](upload://ad


It’s a London import mark for 1949/50.

Thank you, I thought it was 1949 but wasn’t sure, the O date letter also shows as 2013. It’s a lovely spoon

The various assay office import marks have not been used since 1998 so we can definitely rule out 2013. I didn’t mention value before: as it is silver it certainly has some value - I suggest that you try to find something simliar in Ebay’s “Sold” listings to give you some idea of how much it might be worth.


Thank you, useful info. I’ve taken a look as suggested on eBay. Nothing similar really but singular spoons of this size seem to range from approx £60 - £200. I guess this is due to weight and design etc

Jensen pieces typically have a bit of a premium, I’ve found, so I wouldn’t assume the lower end of the scale.