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George Butler Cutlery


My parents have an original George Butler set of silver-plated cutlery. According to the records from the shop they purchased it with, it is the ‘Chiltern’ pattern. They have lost one of the large forks and I was looking to replace it for them for Christmas, however the pattern does not seem to exist for sale ANYWHERE. I am starting to think the shop labelled it wrong in the first place as it was a collectors set and I can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone help with identifying it? Is there a record book somewhere?

Help would be appreciated


I am also searching for some George Butler Chiltern cutlery to add to the canteen I purchased in a sale at Camp Hopson in Newbury in 1997.

For sale.
Wooden presentation box of George Butler of Sheffield cutlery. 44 piece set. In CAVENDISH. Would like offers in the region of £60.

Hi there,

Would you mind posting pictures of the patterns?


George Butler is now part of Arthur Price. Try calling them. They are based in Lichfield, Staffordshire.