Georgian Inkwell. Edward Farrell - No assay office mark?

I have identified this inkwell as by Edward Farrell, who worked in London, and believe the date to be 1826. The item is hallmarked twice - once on the lid and again on the silver rim. Neither of these marks carry the Leopard’s head I expected to see for London… Please help!

No assay office mark is not a problem for this era, although it was becoming rarer by the date of this piece. At the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century it was very common for the assay office mark to be omitted, not just for London but also for provincial assay offices. That’s when a knowledge of makers and the times when they were working becomes useful - as you have found.

Very interesting, thank you. I had always been a little suspicious of pieces with no assay mark so this is great to hear!