Georgian silver spoon mark

I have a Georgian silver fiddle pattern teaspoon with a mark on the face a bit like a stylised snowflake. I wonder if anyone recognises this mark? It is a symmetrical shape and underscored with an engraved narrow striped band. There are eight points to the flake, all exactly the same. The ends of the points are a bit like halberds but with equal-sized tips. In the centre of the flake there is a circle with three concentric arcs inside. The size of the flake is c.7mm across.

Please let me know how to post a picture…

Hello, pictures is the best way for someone to help you.

But how do I post a picture…??

Click “Reply” and along the top of the response text box you will see a number of icons. To insert your picture(s) select the icon which looks like a framed picture. Select that and you will be able to upload.

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Thanks very much

This is a family armorial and is basically an owner’s mark - probably the original owner. I have looked through an edition of Fairbairn’s Crests (several versions can be found online) but have not been able to identify the family.


Thanks very much Phil.