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Glasgow silver maker's mark identity?

Hi there, I have a silver brooch, it was my Mother’s.
I have identified that it is Glasgow Town but cannot find a maker with the initials WMM. Does anyone know who it is?
The date letter looks like a ‘j’ so is that 1960’s?
Thanks in advance for any enlightenment you can give.

You are correct with your identification of the assay office and date letter; J is the Glasgow date letter for 1957. WMM is William McGregor Michael. He registered with the Glasgow assay office in 1956 as a designer, jeweller and silversmith of Greenock. After the Glasgow office closed in 1963 he registered the same mark at Edinburgh, but not until 1973. I can find no evidence in telephone directories of the period that he had a business address so I assume that he worked from home producing on a small scale, which is supported by the fact that he did not have, or did not need, a registered mark between 1963 and 1973.


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Phil Sir you are an absolute gem, thank you SO much for such a detailed informative reply, I thought I’d be lucky to get the name of the silversmith.
Truly appreciated!