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Hi not sure if these are even silver but thought i better start somewhere i have these 2 goblets and the mark on the bottom is a capital M anyone have any ideas thanks.


Hi there Lee and thanks for joining us. Your goblets are of classic 20th century design and because they do not carry either the UK hallmarks for solid silver or the words “sterling” or “925” they are most probably silver plated. There are several American makers of silver plated items that used a “M” as a mark, some plain, some with brackets, etc. Perhaps you could post a close-up of the mark and we can get a better answer for you. Also, is it correct that the “M” is the only mark?


Uncle Vic


Hi thanks for the reply there is a epns on the base of the goblet which i have just seen. Would still be nice to know about them guessing you are right with the silver plated now anyway hope this picture helps on the mark.


Thanks for the photo, but I don’t see that mark in any of my sources. And you know the “epns” stands for Electro Plated Nickel Silver, showing your goblets are silver plated. A guess - based on the shape and base design - is that they are American and date to the 1950s.

Polish them very gently with a cream polish and rinse in warm soapy water, pat dry, then store in zip loc bags, and add a small piece of 3M tarnish strip to preserve them between uses. When that thin silver plating is gone, its gone.


Uncle Vic