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Gold Washed Spoon

Can someone identify the pattern, maker and date for this spoon
There is a hallmark (1) on the back (very faint) that precedes a stamp of STERLING
Thanks so much
13  gold washed new 001.jpg
11 gold washed spoon.jpg

Hello Jill -

Sorry, I must have missed this one earlier. The pattern is not familiar to me, but if you could try to get a picture of the makers mark I’ll see if I can find it. If the mark is too faint to photograph, try your hand at copying it as best you can, and then post your drawing. Include all markings on the back.

Quite a bit of mid to late 19th century silver is marked only “sterling” without any clue as to who manufactured it. It can be quite frustrating!


Hi Lisa,
Really hard to see what I think is a makers mark right before Sterling stamped on back of spoon
Even with a jewelers loupe!
It looks like a “G” but could be a design that I can’t draw!!

Thanks for looking
It’s a very pretty little spoon
sterling mark 003.jpg
sterling mark 002.jpg
sterling mark 001.jpg