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Goldsmith & Silvermans Company Ltd Candlesticks

I have recently inherited some Silver Candlesticks.

I know absolutely nothing on this subject, but have been doing some research.

So far I have found that the makers were (WCJL) William Gibson & John Langman otherwise known as Goldsmiths and Silvermans Company Ltd.

The Standard Mark shows it is Sterling Silver and is English and the Town Mark shows London (post 1822 as there is no crown, although it is difficult to make out this mark).

The Date Letter is a ‘U’. I think it is 1895, but not 100% sure.

There is a crown on the underside and inside it is stamped ‘10614’.

Have I got the above information right (according to the marks) and any idea of a valuation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: