Gorham Chantilly from the late 1800s?

Hi all!

I recently have been going through my grandmothers old stuff since she passed and I found a bag of silver. They all are marked Gorham, I looked online and found they are the Chantilly collection and the date codes/stamps on them date right in the last 1/4 of the 19th century, one website suggested they were 1895.

Lion, anchor and G.

I have a total of 51 pieces,

13 forks
11 small spoons
12 soup spoons
5 butter knives
5 dinner knives
5 crab forks.

All are in good shape, but not polished up, they have been in the velvet bags individually wrapped since new. Enclosed is a pic of the collection.

Are they worth anything as a set or just at melt value?

Thanks in advance, looking forward to learning more about these items here.

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Gorham’s Chantilly pattern dates from 1895 so that would be the earliest possible date for them. Also, Gorham did not date code any of its flatware. I’m assuming the items are stamped “sterling”? Gorham also made silver plated flatware for a good while.

Value-wise I doubt there is much enhnaced value to them as a “set” since it is incomplete. Phil Dries’ American flatware book, published in late 2008, shows the sterling salad forks at $39 and the teaspoons at $25, which is probably low by today’s silver prices. Look on www.replacements.com and find the Gorham Chantilly pattern and see what they are asking - they tend to be on the very high side with their asking prices. Then search eBay’s “completed auctions” for the same pattern and see what it is actually selling for vs. asking prices. Then get a couple of offers from scrap dealers and then see what places like replacements, Ltd or Silver Queen - which specialize in buying and selling sterling flatware incomplete sets - will offer you. If they are not sterling, all bets are off.

Good Luck

Uncle Vic

Yes, they all are sterling, and VERY heavy.

I just went from the stamping on the flatware for the date, the lions and the G changed over the years from what I have found and the stampings that are on this set were used from 1895 to 1900.

Ill check out the info you provided and go from there.

Thanks 8) 8)