Gorham hallmarks

I have been given a silver napkin ring which is apparently by Gorham, with the Melrose pattern. The hallmark is not stamped on the outside as in English silver, but it seems to be etched on the inner surface, which makes it rather difficult to photograph. The mark is GORHAM followed by a lion facing right, an anchor, and a Gothic G, then STERLING 1232. Is this sufficient for you to tell me anything about it, eg what the date is likely to be? Don’t the Americans datestamp their silverware?

Hi there Joncon and thanks for joining us. Yes, that is the Gorham mark, and no, virtually all American makers marked their silver in places hidden from view. Most American makers did not date-mark their goods, but Gorham was one of the exceptions, but only on larger holloware. Small items such as napkin rings and flatware were not date-marked.

The number on your ring is a pattern or model number. Gorham sterling napkin rings have been selling for about $75-125 US.


Uncle Vic

Thanks, Uncle Vic. That was very helpful.