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Gorham ID of bowl

I have a Gorham plate-bowl with the number YC 1753 on the back. Can anyone help ID this? Is it silver? Pattern name? Thanks!

Hi there and thanks for joining us. That would be a pattern number. If it is solid silver it will have the word(s) “sterling” or “sterling silver” under the Gorham maker’s marks of the lion, anchor, and old English “G”.

A clear close up photo of the marks would be helpful, as some Gorham holloware contained date marks.


Uncle Vic

Please find links for photos. Thanks for the help. It does not have silver on it, so I will infer that this is silver plated. The weight is 442 grams and is 12 inches by 7 inches in an oval shape

Any estimates on value?


Sorry Silverstuff, I couldn’t get those links to open. A Gorham silver plated bowl of that size, in good condition, would be worth in the $50 range.


Uncle Vic

Try these links. … 110681.jpg … 110681.jpg

Thanks Uncle!

Okay Silverstuff, I was able to open the last one showing the two photos of the bowl, but not the first two. Try again with just the marks.

Uncle Vic