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Gorham lily of the valley spoon ring. What year is it?

I got this ring from my grandmother a few years ago, knowing her she found it at an estate sale. I recently polished it and noticed the identifying markers, and I’ve learned that these symbols make it a Gorham ring. I saw a few online sales for rings that look just like this, and the descriptions said this was a different pattern from the often seen 1950’s design. After studying the marks and comparing them to pictures on other silver collection sites, I find myself stumped as to what year my ring could be from. In the pictures, the marks look like they’re sunken, but when I look at it with my own eyes they look like they’re raised. It’s very peculiar.

If anyone knows around what year or decade this ring was made, I will be very grateful to just have my curiosity satisfied.

Hi there! When the three Gorham symbols are set in an octagon cartouche, the piece was made in the 20th century. Unfortunately, from your images, I don’t see any obvious date marks to indicate its year of production as referenced here:

It’s a neat piece, but unlike English sterling, Gorham sterling is often not easy to date without the more obvious date mark symbols.


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Thanks for the information!

If you have nothing better to do for an hour or so you might like to look through this set of Gorham patterns to see if you can identify yours. If you can find it you will then get a date period when the pattern was in production.


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