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Gorham Nut Dishes

Hi, I have just aquired two gorham nut dishes which can be found on with the reg no A4775. However, they also have their maker stamp, and .925 followed by a triangle in an oval stamp and letter i in a square stamp with the corners shaved off! What would the last two stamps indicate? Is there any way to find an age for these nice items? Thanks! Anita

Hi there Anna and thanks for joining us. They are probably date marks. Gorham was one of the few American makers that used date marks on some of its holloware. From 1868 through 1933 it used letters for the first years then object marks such as hammers, keys, spoons, etc. It did not date mark from 1934 through 1939. Beginning in 1940 its date marking system consisted of a geometric figure with a number inside; 1940 was a square, 1941 was a square with a “1” inside, 42 a square with a “2” inside, etc. The 1950s mark was a pentagon, the 60s a hexagon (yours is probably a hexagon which looks like a square with the corners cut off with a “1” in it, for 1961), and the 70s was a heptagon which looks at first like a oval unless magnified.

Do both dishes have both the hexagon and the oval with the triangle? I’d need to see clear clsoe-up photos of the marks to be certain as they are tiny on the Gorham I own.


Uncle Vic

Hi Uncle Vic! Thanks for the reply.

Both dishes are identical with identical hallmarks.

The marks are clear and easy to see under a loupe. I have a photo on my phone but no way of uploading it at the moment to the website. Will try to organise it in due course!

The letter mark is almost identical to the mark for chester 1784.
The oval with an equilateral triangle in it is just that! No other mark inside it.
I imagine these are quite modern made dishes. Underneath marked Sterling Silver A4775.

kind regards,