GORHAM S. Is this silver soldered

Just joined the forum and have plenty of question, but I’ll start off with a quick one. By the way, I tried searching rules but couldn’t find any regarding uploading pictures, so I hope what I’ve attached is okay. I’m guessing silver s. means silver soldered? I have a very small bowl, maybe a salt cellar. On the underside, it has an anchor in a box, underneath that it says GORHAM CO. and then under that is a four digit number (in this case: 0640) and under that is SILVER S. curved like a smile. To the right, about an inch away is a small what looks like a bug in what looks like an almost complete number 0 or perhaps a capital letter C or I’m not sure what. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

From what I’ve learned from some further internet surfing, I’m not sure that silver soldered would make much sense as this seems to be one piece with nothing attached; hence, I would think, nothing soldered to it. If that is the case, my questions remains: What could SILVER S. mean on this little piece? Thanks again in advance if anyone gets the opportunity to respond.

Sorry you are not getting any response here. I guess none of our readers can help.


Thanks for your response, Phil. I thought I was getting the cold shoulder, and I didn’t know what I might have done wrong :woozy_face:

Thanks Icejelly, but I searched that site before posing my question here after not being able to find the answer on that website and elsewhere. Are you able to find the answer there?