Gorham Silver company store items' value

Hi. My mom’s friend worked at Gorham’s and used to buy her items from the employee store. I’ve inherited them. Most have an ‘x’ scratched into the base near the Gorham stamp. I never looked at them closely until recently, but upon very close inspection they seem to be irregulars; a bare spot for instance, but very difficult to see. Preliminary web research shows the pieces identical to mine (but not seconds) range up to $600 value. Any Gorham folks out there have an idea how much my pieces values are affected? Not looking for firm dollar amounts, just an idea along the lines of “maybe half of an A+ piece, or 25% of,” or whatever…
Sorry no picts, posting from work. Tried same questions on eBay, no responses.

Thank You,

Hi there pa and thanks for joining us. I have seen Gorham items marked as yours and I was unable to detect any irregulars at all. If your are flawless, I’d say the “x” would have very little effect on value, especially if you disclose that they are company store items and what the 'x" denotes.


Uncle Vic