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Gorham Silver Soldered Hollowware Pattern

I would like to identify and date a Gorham silver soldered tea and coffee set that I have. The design seems very unusual to me, having no feet and differing in shape from the designs that are commonly seen. The pattern number is 0770, and in addition to the customary anchor mark, there seems to be either a leopard’s head or a lion’s head. I have included photos of the bottom marks and the coffee pot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there and thanks for joining us. The mark is a Gorham silver plate mark. The separate mark to the lower left of the main mark is a date mark and may be the 1891 mark but its not clear enough for me to be sure.

I looked up Gorham’s 770 pattern on and there is no “0770” mrak, but there is a sterling holloware mark for “770” but yours is not the same pattern, plus of course, yours is plated, not sterling.


Uncle Vic