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Gorham Sterling Chippendale Covered Vegi Bowl

This was just donated to our local library and we need a little help on identifying it and how much to ask at auction prices. What I do know is it appears to be:
• A covered vegetable bowl
• Weighs 1 pound 15.6oz
• Stamped Gorham Sterling 179 (1948 from the stamp)
• Also Chippendale
Any ideas on what this pattern is? Value?
Thanks Phil

Hi there Phil and thanks for joining us. It is the Chippendale pattern and you are correct on the date. You can find images of the pattern at Replacements shows several holloware pieces in that pattern, and from their asking prices I’d venture your piece is worth in the $250-400 range. Take a look at the completed items on Ebay and you might get another take on “real world” values at auction.


Uncle Vic

Thanks Vic- I was not aware of the term holloware, if this is a hollware piece that may be why I did not find it anywhere when I first looked on that site-

I just found the exact one thanks to you clearifing the type-

asking price $450 so I think you are right on on value- ($250-$400)