Gorham thingamajig, not sure what it is?

Hello, I just found this site, and it is very interesting. I would not say I am a silver collector, more of a metal collector. I like shiny metal, rusty metal, cast iron etc etc. I picked this item up at a sale because I liked the look of it. Trying to figure out what it is at this point. Its made by Gorham but I am not sure if its silver, silver plate or just nickle plated. Any suggestions on how to figure this out would be greatly appreciated. I like to be able to say when someone asks about something in my collections more than its a doohicky! Otherwise people might think I am just an oversized packrat collecting shinies (which I probably am). If anyone has a guess on an estimated value would be great but not necassary, I did not pay a large amount for it but its always nice to know I did’nt get snookered to badly.


Hi there Shootmore and welcome aboard. The American maker Gorham made both sterling (solid, 92.5% pure) silver and silver plated items, but I’m not aware of it making items plated with other metals. If it is sterling silver it will have the word(s) “sterling” or “sterling silver” stamped on it near the Gorham maker’s mark which is a anchor, a right facing lion, and an old English “G”. The absence of those words mean its plated.


Uncle Vic

Thank you for the response Uncle Vic, I am going to have to go buy a magnifiying glass, the words are to small or my arms are not long enough! I can see writting but can not read it.

Now if I can just figure out what the thing is!