Gotham Silver on Copper Plate

I just recently purchased a silver plated serving tray at a garage sale, and was trying to find out any information I can on it. On the back it has the the marking “GOTHAM SILVER ON COPPER.” The only thing I’ve found out so far is that it’s not very valuable LOL. However any information one might have on this mark or maker would be greatly appreciated (for future reference).

Thanks in advance

Hi there Mick and thanks for joining us. The Gorham Corporation of Providence, Rhode Island is one of the most prolific American silver makers, with roots dating back to the 1830s. It made hundreds, if not thousands of sterling and silver plated items and patterns over the years and is still very much in business today.

While Gorham did not date mark its silver plated goods (and only some of its sterling items) the wording of the mark on your plate suggests manufacture in the early to mid 1900s.


Uncle Vic