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Graham Mfg Co Quadruple Plate?

I just inherited about a dozen items (plates bowls cups) and from the few I can read say Grahm Mfg. Co Quadruple Plate on the bottom. I’ve googled and cannot find any info about the manufactor. The family theory is they first belonged to my Great Great Grandmother however I really have no way of knowing if its really that old.

So what I’m asking is, has anyone heard of this Graham Mfg Co and if so do you know where I can get more info?

Thank you

Hi there. Can’t find “Graham” in any of my books…is it possible it’s “Gorham”, a long time and popular American maker? A picture of the mark would help.


Uncle Vic

Thanks for the reply, I’ll have to start cleaning before I can find any marks.
I’ll post again with photos as soon as I can.

I saw a set at a thrift store. Came across Gorham in my research but this is definitely graham. Some info would be nice. Thx