Grandparents gave it what is it?

Not sure if british silver but some research led me to this

It’s bristish sterling silver, London 1834.

The maker is a bit difficult as there is not much left of the mark, but from the shape and what remains of the lettering I think that it is probably WE, upside down, for William Eaton, a known prolific spoon maker of the period:


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do you by chance know the name of the spoon?

Here are better photos if that helps

Tell us what size it is.

It is about 8 and a half inches long or 21.5 cm

Nowadays we would term this a table spoon (for serving at table). When it was made it would have been called a soup spoon.


I would like to volunteer that the spoon may be called fiddle pattern, with shell. The hallmarks look neat due to their being much more deeply struck than the maker’s mark. There seems to be a journeyman’s mark next to the maker’s mark.

There is a nearly identical dinner fork on eBay right now for $189.