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Silver Collector Forums

Great Site -- Just wanted to say:

I been to another site I will not name before being luckier enough to find this one. They also have a forum which I signed up for although I was actually afraid to ever make a post as the first time I ever tried it was deleted for silly reasons. The site certainly does not help or cater to newbies like myself who know very little on silver but have some and are also very interested in learning as you can not post unless you know where to post, how to post, etc, etc. It is ridiculous. They also deleted my first and only post ever for inquiring about its possible value briefly at the end of my pictured post that was aimed at identifying it. So, thank god for this site being more relaxed and helpful as I know it will be the more successful of the two as time surpasses at least when it comes to forums. More people equals more information as time passes!


however you will find qualified people at that site. It is not that difficult to live up to requerments. You should try.
Or you can also stick to this site - if that is more comfertable for you.