Greetings from a newbie!

Hello everyone!

My name is John and want to start collecting and learning about silver. I think I would like to start collecting some sterling silver stuff and slowly learn more as I go. I sure like the way silver items feel in my hands although it’s probably not the best idea to handle them too much.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and I’m sure I’ll have many many questions as I get more into this new … err… hobby? I guess yeah hobby for now.

Salutations from LOUISIANA!

John :smiley:

Hello John and welcome to the forum. Please don’t feel guilty about handling silver - that’s what most of it was made for after all. I guess all of us here will agree with you about the feel of silver. Feel free to ask questions but don’t be disheartened if there is no answer; it probably just means that we don’t know the answer!

Be warned: what starts as a hobby may end as an obsession…

Thanks silvermakersmarks!

also welcome from here. And an advice, use something else as picture. Today might seem like a good idea with your picture. In future you might want a bit anonymiti.
As my collection has grown, I have regred the post I have made with hometown, born etc.

but you shall be most welcome from europe.

Good Point. Thank you kindly.

Welcome from Norwich, UK.
The creators & moderators of this site have done a wonderful job in making this self-sustaining ‘hobby’ a real pleasure (if not a little obsessive!).
My only advice is - have fun collecting!

Hiya John! I’m new to the forum and to the hobby as well. I fell in love with collecting as a child, but of course didn’t have the money for silver and things like that. I’m not big into buying the things now either, especially online, but I do enjoy going to antique shops and finding small treasures.