Greetings from Colorado!

Hello everyone!! I am new to the sight and was hoping you could help me identify a few items I found on recent “picks” that seem to be a little more difficult for me to track down.
I have a spoon, a pie fork (?) and an olive picker(?).

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!


Welcome to the forum. We look forward to seeing your queries. Don’t forget to include good clear pictures - they help greatly.

I am usually not this needy! Really. I can’t seem to load pics even though I have resized them per instructions :blush: So I will need to explain some things to you. I have what I believe is a pie or cake fork with very ornate scroll work on the handle and base of the fork. The hallmarks on the back are an iron cross and W R and also a vase looking thing. Next is a olive grabber? with the markings of triplex sv pat 12778? and made in Switzerland. And last but not least is a spoon with the hallmark of GN (in circle), GERO and 90. The front tip of the spoon handle has a woman sitting on a stool in front of a fireplace with a cook pot hanging and a broom in the corner. She is looking down and appears to be in a plain, long dress that would be for working (a maid?). Not sure what period this would be. It’s a little worn but the detail is still very visible. The history on the pieces that I find are what really fascinates me! I love to imagine the stories behind where they started and where they might have been :wink:

My descriptions are probably very crude but I am hoping someone has seen something similar.

Thanks everyone!

Have you seen my guide to adding pictures to your post?

I think the issue is with my phone so I will try from my computer. :smiley: