H.A&E Maker mark?

Am i reading this mark wrongly because to me it looks like H.A&E. Cannot find anywhere , Date stamp i believe 1900 Birmingham .
This is a T-Bar on a 50mm chain to a Chester 1905 Silver fob which probably means nothing in relation to the T-Bar but thought i would throw it in.

It’s HA&S for Henry Allday & Son, chain manufacturers, 130 Warstone Lane, Birmingham (Birmingham Makers Marks - H&-HB). I agree Birmingham, 1900.


Phil what would i do without your constant help , gee my eyesight that bad i couldnt even tell it was an S, im so very grateful you put up with all my questions on the topic

To be fair, the S doesn’t look like one unless it’s what you are expecting to see.

Haha dont go getting soft on me & my failing eyesight but by gee i would have been so wrong on some of my cataloging without your guidance & explanation, be careful as you are becoming my silver knowledge bible :smiley: