H-M Mark above a crown on Silver Malta Cross Brooch/Pin?

I think the brooch is Norwegian it has 830S marked on it, however I am puzzled with the mark H-M above a crown. Was this brooch a special award, perhaps military?
Am I also correct in assuming it is the Maltese cross?
Maker, date and approximate value would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all in advance!
IMG_0838 copy cross.3 500pix.jpg
IMG_0838 copy cross 500px.jpg

I dont know maker but norwegian is very likely.
No it is not an award. Its a piese of juvelry. Folklora - for the traditional norwegian folk dress. Dont know from where either.
But norwegian is very likely and the crosses - shape is malta but they have nothing to do with the malta knights. They are ornaments.

Thanks for the information, I appreciate it.