Hall Mark ID

Hi all.I have several pieces of silver,but the one I would like info on is a small 2"x1"match box.Flip up lid.Hallmark reads:JG- Lion -P(orQ)then a sideways anchor.Just need to know year and approx value.Thankyou in advance :unamused: [/list]

Without a photograph it’s difficult to read Hallmarks. However, from your information the match box is probably made by Joseph Gloster of Birmingham(anchor), there are many match boxes and vesta made by him. The date is more difficult since the P recurrs every 26 years. Is there a monarchs head? If not, then the box is younger than 1890. The monarchs head is a duty mark and is present from 1784 to 1890.
You would need to show a photo of the date punch to precisely date the piece.

Valuing is very difficult and depends on condition. A good condition match box or vesta would go for 20-30 pounds at auction.