Hallmark 800 23 BS 800 Info Please

Hi there, inherited these two fruit bowls (I think that’s what they are) from grandmother, been sitting in a box for some years and, thanks to Covid, having been delving into stuff packed into back cupboard for years.


sorry, forgot to add that I just wondered what the hallmark stands for.

Show us a clear picture of all of the marks please.

It’s impossible for me to do. I’ve never seen such a small hallmark, wish I could show you. It is such a small hallmark and oddly only stamped on the one bowl, I had to buy one of those jewelers magnifiying glasses to see myself, but can confirm that there are two ovals with 800 stamped inside that surround a more rectangular oval with 23 BS stamped inside. I don’t know if that helps??

It’s difficult to be sure without a picture but it could be an Italian mark. The code 23 BS would identify a silversmith in the province of Brescia. The site www.925-1000.com attributes that code to Argenteria Leonessa.


Thank you for that Phil. :smiley: I’ll check it out.