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Hallmark Explanation Sought

I would appreciate any info on the attached hallmark please.
Made in London, I initially thought it was dated 1789 but could not identify the maker, P over W.
After taking photos for submission it appears the start of further letters are faintly visible, possibly PB over WB. Could it be the work of be Peter & William Bateman?
If so is the date likely to be 1809 not 1789?

As you can see I am new to this but am rapidly getting hooked! It started when my mother showed me this item, (a cream jug?).

Am I completely off track or can anyone confirm the info?

This may not be the forum but what would the value of this cream jug be?

All information appreciated.


You are right in identifying this as the work of Peter and William Bateman. The date must therefore be 1809 rather than 1789 as Peter and William’s partnership without Ann, William’s mother and Peter’s sister in law, did not come into being until 1805.

Thanks a lot for your confirmation.