Hallmark Help Needed - Birmingham 1828 Forks?

I have a trio of forks that I can not identify the maker on. I have looked at many online resources for hallmark identification but I have only been able to locate parts of this hallmark.

Here is what I think I’m seeing:
Makers Mark: is a capital E in a diamond. I can not find any reference to this particular mark.

Standard Mark: appears to be a lion, = Sterling but is reversed from any I’ve seen listed.

City Mark: is an anchor = Birmingham

Date letter: is an old script capital F = 1828 ?

And the obvious “Sterling” stamp

Any information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Either verification of what I think I see and any information on who the maker might be.

Thank you

No this is not a Birmingham mark, it’s an American Gorham mark, so much closer to home.

Wonderful, thank you for the information. :slight_smile:
Obviously I won’t be starting a career in hallmark identification any time soon.