Hallmark Help on Iraq War ashtray and spoon

My brother was in Iraq 2003-2004 and came home with an ashtray but didn’t want to dicuss it. I also have a separate spoon from my grandfather. Looking for help with any info applicable. Thank you in advance.
Iraq Ashtray Sadam Hussein
back of spoon

Forgot to add hallmark on back of ashtray.
Iraq Ashtray Sadam Hussein 2

The ashtray is likely silverplate, made by longstanding firm Roberts and Belk. If it was Sterling, the mark would likely be R&B with Sheffield town mark, Sterling lion and a date letter. If it was electroplated nickel silver it would be stamped EPNS or pseudo hallmarks reading EP&S A1. The eagle mark could be a regimental symbol, though unlikely without a motto inscribed under it, and I assume it is not located with the maker’s mark.