Hallmark help required - Harrods Fish Knife & Fork Set

Can anyone help me with these hallmarks please? I was given the set of six fish knives and forks in a box marked Harrods by a relative over 30 years ago and they have sat in storage ever since. I was told they were silver but they may be silver plate ?

These are the only marks on the knives.

That mark indicates silver plate rather than silver. The letters are EPNS - ElectroPlated Nickel Silver. I assume those marks are on the knife blades; are there any marks on the handles?


Yes, this is on the knife blade. There are no other marks on each knife and none at all on the forks. Thanks for your help as I would never have seen those letters in those marks :slight_smile:

The handles are ivory coloured but I assume they are not ivory and some kind of bakelite.

Each knife is decorated with a fairly elaborate engraved design, clearly done by hand, as each one is slightly different.