Hallmark ID help needed please as no assay town mark or maker's mark

I have a silver and glass mustard pot that is marked with the lion passant and the letter h but no town assay mark or maker’s mark. Can anyone help me to date this please and give me any information as to why there are no marks? There is also a number 3 stamped inside the lid which I was thinking would be more to do with the model number?

The punch shapes indicate a Birmingham hallmark with the date letter for 1907/08. Normally with a 2-component piece such as this one part would have either a full set of marks or a partial set and the other part would have another partial set. The components would have been submitted separately and then assembled after return from the Assay Office. I surmise that what has happened here is that the silversmith has mistakenly assembled the lid from 2 components with the same set of marks and that somewhere out there is a matching set with the other 2 marks (maker’s mark and Birmingham anchor) on each half.


Thank you so much for that information. It makes sense with what you are saying about the 2 components with the same set of marks. Thank you again.

Is just missing the rest of the set and/or stand. The full set of marks would have been on the largest silver piece AND mustard pots were often part of a cruet set that would have included vinegar, oil, salt, horseradish, mustard and sometimes a pepperette - all with silver bodies or mounts having partial marks as the assay fee would have been paid on the whole set and the purity marks are to just stand for that - sterling.

Hi, that makes sense as well. Thank you for that extra information. I only have the mustard pot so I’m not going to find out the maker then.