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Hallmark Identification on Spoon - Help Please

I would appreciate some help with the hallmarks on this spoon. It is bottom marked which apparently was carried out until 1781. The maker appear to be H.C (Henry Chawner?). The lion passant is visible. There appears to be the letter “J”. Could that be the inverted date letter representing S for 1753-1754? That would be a bit early for Henry Chawner probably. I cannot make out the last symbol(s).

What are your opinions on this? All responses appreciated.

I can’t see the HC in your picture, but will take your word for it. The date letter to me looks more like the “l” for 1746. You are right in thinking that it cannot be Henry Chawner, whose mark was first registered in 1786. However there were a number of other HC makers such as:

  • Henry Crook, smallworker, Aug 1734
  • Henry Clark, smallworker, Jul 1738
  • Henry Corry, largeworker, Apr 1754 and Mar 1764

The marks of the first two of these were simple H C; Corry’s was H C, pellet between.

This information is taken from Grimwade, London Goldsmiths 1697-1837.

Thanks alot for the response. I have hopefully submitted a better photo of the makers mark. It does seem to be “H.C” for Henry Corry? Is that likely to make it 1754 to coincide with his work dates and a date letter “S” after all?

I find this subject new to me but quite fascinating!

Thanks for any responses.

HC in a shield with pellet below is Henry Clarke, denominated by Grimwade as Henry Clarke I to distinguish him from the Henry Clarke I mentioned before who he called Henry Clarke II (sorry, I spelt Clarke incorrectly). Henry Clarke I registered 2 similar marks, one c1720 and another in March 1723, so in light of this I am going to suggest that the date letter on your spoon is an upper case I for 1724.

Thanks for all your help!