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Hallmark identification plated jug

Good morning I have bought a piece that looks plated I wondered if anyone could give me any more info on it as in what the hallmarks mean I know its Maxwell and sons but then im stuck your help helpp would be very much appreiated Regards

No hallmarks here as it is, indeed, electroplated. M&S is actually Maxfield & Sons, a Sheffield company (for which the “S” stands) and A1 is an indication that Maxfield judged the plating to be top quality. The creature is probably a beaver but I don’t know why the company chose this as its trademark. Beavers also appear in the marks of other companies and may simply denote industriousness. 7911 is a pattern number or some other form of internal factory designation to which we do have the key.


Fantastic many thanks Phil I realy appreciate your help with this