Hallmark Identification Request from Salad Servers

We recently came into possession of a salad bowl with salad servers which we think are silver plated but are not sure. Also we have not been able to trace the Hallmark and would like to know if you have any information. The items were in an old second hand store in New Zealand but that is as far as we know about the item. The store owner said he gets most of his items from house clearances in the area.

Hallmark on the salad servers


Also on the bottom of the salad bowl was the following.
JR&S2 (2)

Hope you can help.

The salad servers are either electroplated or a base metal alloy. JR&S is John Round & Son of Sheffield and the disc with “all the round” on it is one of their trade marks. I note that there is a design registration number stamped as part of that mark. I cannot read it from your picture but you can look it up here (scroll down to the bottom of the page) and work out the year when the design was registered giving an earliest possible date for the manufacture.



Thanks Phil for the quick response. The registration number is 280077 which gives a date between 1896 and 1897.
Thanks again