Hallmark Indentity

I’ve had this fork for a while. Would love some help identifying the hallmarks and possible value.


925/1000 silver, London 1864/5, maker: John Kilpatrick, registered 1862.
A single fork is probably not worth much.



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Thank you, George, for the information I thought it may be silver, I make jewellery so I think I will use this one to create something wearable.

Re-purposing silver in this way is something I do have an issue with unless the piece is damaged beyond economic repair. That being said it is yours to do what you like with…


I completely agree with Phil. I would not do it myself.


JK - John Kilpatrick would be turning over in his grave if repurposed…J/K… joke :slight_smile:


What is your issue with it???

Why?..You said it wasn’t probably not worth much.

A lot of people all over the world repurpose silverware, especially sterling silver flatware. Just curious to find out why there is an issue with it?

I think there’s no problem if you take cutlery to melt down and make jewelry, but in your specific case it’s cutlery that’s over 150 years old. I believe that with an item like this it is much more interesting for you to sell the cutlery to someone who collects and buy 1000 silver and make your own jewelry, your profit will certainly be greater and history will be preserved.

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