Hallmark silver Maker Identify

What is this for an silver Mark or Makers Mark ? I think France ?

Honestly, I think your item is thick, because if it were French it would have at least 2 hallmarks, the French one and the creator’s and the same happens with most European countries. Another thing, in addition to the big yellow, there is a small yellow at the point I marked, which indicates loss of bath. Silver 800, 833 can turn very yellow, but I don’t think this is the case with your item, but you can test it by applying the polish. Good luck!

It’s just a matter of identifying the letters, brand?. Thanks for the help

The photo was taken poorly, light reflection. It has been tested for solid silver and that is what it is.

Well, whether it was tested is another story, but this back looks very much like it was made in bronze when depose and it’s not usual to have items mixing silver and bronze. Show photos of the entire item, please, it may have some hallmark and you missed it. The LV can be a brand, but it can also just be initials of the previous owner. It is not usual in silver for the creator to place initials like this, without being in a different design. Another thing, depending on the thickness of the plating, you may have a positive result in the acid stone test and the item may actually be silver plated.