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Hallmark?,Townmark?,Family Crest?

Was wondering if anyone has seen this type of marking before. It’s on an oval covered dish handed down from my mother inlaw. The removeable handle and lid are very heavy.
Country of origin and date range idea’s? Thank You.

I did find a marking very close to mine at a site under unidentified silver plate, CS on holloware, mine doesn’t have the line through the C and the crown is slightly different but i guess the maker could of changed the die for the mark over time. Probably no way of ever knowing the origin or date era without running into someone who actually worked for the company and recognized the piece and the mark.

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Following. I have a lazy susan with the same marking and cannot find any info on the internet about it. Hopefully my comment will bring this back to the top.

This mark is still unidentified but is thought to be the mark of a US electroplate manufacturer. It has been suggested that CS stands for Crown Silver, but whether this is correct or, if it is, which particular Crown Silver company, is not recorded.