hallmarks about "silver ingot"

this ingot has many marks.
it looks gold tone,the seller says it is silver and has been gold gilded.
is it silver?
why is there no lion?
what is the second and last marks?


The RC mark is used by Carrs of Sheffield.

Next is the Sheffield rose that replaced the crown in 1974 or 1975…
Next is the Briyannia mark for .958 fineness.
Date mark C is for 1977.
Last mark is the optional Silver Jubilee mark .

Just a small addition to snuffer’s remarks:

There is no lion because that would indicate sterling (.925 fineness). This, as snuffer says, is Britannia standard, so the Britannia mark replaces the lion passant. And, yes, it is silver, the correct term for this process being silver-gilt.

thank you,snuffer.
it’s very helpful!

thank you,snuffer.
it’s very helpful!

thank you,silvermakersmarks.
it’s very helpful!

about the last mark,silver jubilee mark
who is she?
(the portrait)

Queen Elizabeth II. Silver Jubilee is for 25 years as Queen.